Most Frequent Questions/Answers

What permits, fees, licenses are required in Zearing? 
  1. Building Permit $5;
  2. Fees - photocopies 10 cents/page; faxes outgoing $1/page, incoming 10 cents/page; 
  3. Licenses - Beer, liquor, cigarette - business-owner generated via website(s) with input by City upon approval.
 How much will utilities cost me in Zearing? 
    Zearing provides water service through the Central Iowa Water Association.
  1. WA- Water rates are as follows: Water on or off 
    0-1000 gallon usage   $11.09
    1001-up gallon usage $  6.82
  2. WW- Waste water rates are as follows: Water on or off
    0-1000 gallons usage  $48.67
    1001-up gallons usage $ 4.76
  3. SS - Storm Sewer
    Rates per property $4.50
  4. SW - Solid Waste
    $19.00 for residential
    $21.50 for commercial
    Some rates are set by Jerry's Sanitation due to special exceptions.
    Solid Waste is picked up every Monday.  
  5. SP-Solid Waste Per Cap- .76 cent, per person per household, rate applies to owner occupied residential service. The Solid Waste (SW) Charge will be removed and replace with SP if residents are snowbirds or gone for more than a month at a time.  
  6. Other codes explanation 
    GB-for dumpster rental
    SE-Waste water
    WI-Waste water

Where do I take my yard waste? 
The City of Zearing has a brush pile located at 71495 140th Street. The brush pile is for yard waste and trees and tree limbs only. When dumping yard waste please remove all waste from yard bags and please do not leave the bags at brush pile. No dumping of construction waste is permitted.   

What do I do if I have a Couch, TV, Computer or appliance to get rid of?    
These items are a special charge and the City of Zearing does not handle the removal of these items unless they pose a public hazard. The best thing to do is contact Jerry's Sanitation at 641-487-7288 and speak with Jerry or Devin.

I want to build onto my home/or pour concrete sidewalk/or put up a dog kennel, what do I need to do to comply with the city codes?  
When wanting to build a new addition or tear out a sidewalk and replace it with new concrete it is best to check with city hall before buying the materials to get started. A building permit needs to be filled out and a fee of $5.00 is required. The clerk forwards the building permit to the Planning and Zoning Board to be approved. Second step is to be approved by the City Council. Once all boards that are required to approve permit the property owner will have the permission to build. All building codes will need to be followed. Iowa One Call will need to be notified.     

My neighbor's dog is running at large and in my garbage what can I do? Fill out a complaint form and the City will notify the pet owner and make them aware of the City Codes pertaining to animals at large.  

I bought a Pool and would like to put it up, what are the codes? State of Iowa Codes on pools states; all swimming pools of more than 3 feet in height must be fenced in with a locking gate. Fencing must be permanent and four feet in height. A building permit is required.    

I have an ATV and would like to drive it on the city streets. Can I? The answer is no! The exception is; only to gas the vehicle then return straight to storage or out of City limits. The City requires that all John Deere Gators, Golf Carts, Rangers be registered at City Hall with proof of insurance and follow the Zearing City Code by having the slow moving sign with a 6' flag on vehicle,not allowing underage driving, not driving on City Sidewalks or City Ball fields or City Park Grounds.